List of Top Economical Hotels in London

London is slotted amongst most expensive cities of world and people really strive hard to arrange economical tour to the city. Cutting down some items of shopping list or taking cheap airline is definitely not a good idea as your comfort and gifts for your loved ones matters most.  Then how you can really save few pennies for yourself is a question really tough to be answered. But where there is a way, there is a will. Hiring cheap still best hotel is the option left with you as London has many cheap yet luxury hotels offering luxury and quality services to its guests.
Here is the list of   best budget hotel having room charges under $100 of the city located on the bank of river Thames-
  1.  Stylotel-    with modern interiors, Stylotel has the two 19th-century townhouses which are based upon conventional themes.   Floor to mirror ceiling, Aluminum wall coverings, and lustrous glass furniture can be seen by tourists.  It has bedrooms for one, two, three or four; it is quite useful for Paddington station.

  2. Church Street Hotel - It is a hotel with interiors based on themes of Latin America.   Living here is really amusing as you will get to see exclamatory words of Spanish all around the hotel.  Bedrooms are decorated differently with no similarity and are painted in Latin colors.  Hotel also has restaurant-cum-tapas and a lounge bar for those like to give a nasty tang to their taste buds.

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